After much prayer and discussion with pastors, their families and various church leaders, the Executive Committee of the Lake Region Conference met twice within the last two months and voted the following pastoral reassignments.


  • Voted actions on Sunday November 5th 2017:

Pastor Dwayne Duncombe was transferred from Hyde Park SDA Church in Chicago, IL to City Temple SDA Church in Detroit, MI.


Dr. William Lee was transferred from Capitol City SDA Church in Indianapolis, IN to Shiloh SDA Church in Chicago, IL.


Pastor Hector Leger was transferred from Bethel II SDA and Mt. Sion Hispanic SDA Churches in Grand Rapids, MI to Blue Island Hispanic SDA Church in Chicago, IL.


  • Voted actions on Sunday December 10th 2017:

Pastor Robert Best was transferred from Independence SDA Church in Chicago, IL to Straford Memorial SDA Church in Chicago, IL.


Dr. Leeroy Coleman was transferred from Shiloh SDA Church in Chicago, IL to Mizpah SDA and Brunswick Heights SDA Churches in Gary, IN.


Pastor Marlon Reid was transferred from Straford Memorial SDA Church in Chicago, IL to Hyde Park SDA Church in Chicago, IL.


Dr. Philip Willis Jr. was transferred from Mizpah SDA and Brunswick Heights SDA Churches in Gary, IN to Independence SDA Church in Chicago, IL.