Director | Dr. Christina Wells


The Health Ministries’ mission is to demonstrate God’s love by promoting whole person health principles to Adventist church leaders, members and the community at large, assisting people from all ages, gender, and ethnicity in reaching their full potential for wholeness and a productive abundant life. Health Ministry is the gospel of Christ illustrated, the message of God practiced. Without it, the gospel witness is muted; it is merely a theory, an idea.

The main aim is for each church in the Lake Region to become a center for health, healing, and wholeness in the community where people may increase their health awareness, learn to incorporate standards for healthful living, and find restoration in Christ for a hurting body, mind, or soul.


  1. Monthly newsletter, Health Unlimited—sign up to receive via email at NAD Health Ministry or access them for download in high resolution at NAD Health Ministry/article
  2. Adventists InStep for Life Toolkit—available for download at Adventist In Step for Life
  3. iPhone and Android Apps for Adventists InStep for Life
  4. Other Resources—find other resources such as links to health institutions, health promotional materials and programs, including the resources below, on our Web site at NAD Health Ministry
  5. Facts with Hope
  6. Getting Started: Help For the New Health Ministries Leader
  7. Health Ministry Links
  8. Health Nuggets
  9. Health Tips


Contact the  Health & Wellness Department to have us come out to train, equip and educate your congregation.


Staying healthy is an ongoing effort. We are here to help. The following is our newsletter filled with upcoming events and health tips to make the LRC a healthy Conference.