The Communication Department’s primary role is the presentation of the Lake Region and the Seventh-day Adventist church in as accurate a manner as possible. This is done by the provision of training for those who speak on behalf of the conference, as well as for local church communication secretaries. Among its many activities, the department has also developed links with outside media agencies. The communication department publishes the LRC News Views which is a weekly weekend update of ministry activities throughout the conference.

Services and Program provided by the Communication Department include:

  1. Publishing web newsletter on a daily basis to communicate with church members, which is the semiofficial newsletter of the Conference.
  2. Providing regional stories and information to the Lake Union Communication Department, and making sure that every baptized member may receive Lake Union Herald, which shares information usually not found in President’s Updates, including new member stories, special union events, weddings, obituaries, and other general information.
  3. Running and managing the conference official website,
    Assisting, equipping, and enabling the local church communication secretaries in using the available resources to enhance the ministries of the church and its contact with the community and its members within.
  4. Promoting the Adventist Review to the members.
  5. Provide media service for camp meeting and various conference wide programs
  6. The Communication Director is a spokesperson for the conference internally and externally. The Director interrelates with other departmental directors in the Conference program.


Have your local pastor, clerk or communications director contact the Communication Department regarding local church related ministry promotions, celebrations and bereavement notices.