Director | Pamela Daly


Our mission
The mission of Children’s Ministries is to reach out to children and draw them into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus Christ and with their church; and to train, resource, and support those who minister to children. To provide all children, regardless of socio-economic or cultural background, an opportunity to know and love Jesus Christ.

How we serve: 

  1. Offer training, resources, and support for those who teach and lead children at church.
  2. Hold conventions across the Lake Region Conference territory
  3. Develop resources to supplement the General Conference Sabbath School curriculum, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, and Children’s Sabbath.

Goals of Children’s Ministries: In response to Christ’s mandate to feed His lambs, the goal of the North American Division Children’s Ministries Department is to empower and resource those at every level who engage in ministry to children, so as to develop:

  1. Relational ministries, in which volunteers understand children and help them, form a friendship with Jesus that is based on the gospel elements of grace, worship, community, and service.
  2. Inclusive ministries, so that both the volunteers who minister and the children to whom they minister will be valued and involved, regardless of race, skin color, language, gender, age, or socioeconomic circumstances.
  3. Informed ministries, so that trained personnel, understanding the mission and methods and having the resources for effective ministry, mobilize for children’s outreach and nurture.
  4. Professional ministries networks that empower those who minister to children to encourage, inform, train, and empower each other for effective ministry to children.
  5. Cooperative ministries that join with family, youth, Pathfinder, and personal ministries, as well as with stewardship, Sabbath School, ADRA, and pastoral ministries to effectively fulfill the mission of the church.


Contact  Children’s Ministry Department to have us come out to train, equip and educate your congregation.