We are Moving! |DR. R. CLIFFORD JONES

R. Clifford Jones

We rejoice to announce that we are getting ready to move into our new office building, located at 19860 South LaGrange Road, Mokena, Illinois. We anticipate moving into the new office building around the end of March, a little later than our earlier projections. The delay was triggered by some contingencies we encountered that required modifications to the approved building plans.

On Monday, February 12, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Mokena approved the modifications, clearing the way for the completion of the renovations.A grand opening of the building is being planned for the end of April. Please be on the lookout for an announcement and invitation to the event.

You are welcome to be present for the grand opening and to visit at any time. A new building provides opportunity for us to remember that we are a spiritual building whose foundation is Jesus Christ. And we should never forget that buildings are not intended to be monuments to human achievement or objects of pride, but facilitators of mission.

We praise God for providing us with this property. The building will help us to better meet your needs, as well as to witness more effectively to our region. Although we intend to minimize, if not eliminate, inconveniences during the transition period, we wish to apologize for any that may occur.Thank you for your continued partnership in mission and ministry.

Your support of our vision means a lot. May God continue to abundantly bless us as we unite in spreading the good news of a soon-coming Savior and Lord throughout the Lake Region Conference territory.

R. Clifford Jones