Departmental Directors:

Departmental directors of the Lake Region Conference provides training, equipping and resources to the Body of Christ throughout the Lake Region territory.

Leon Bryant

Director of Adult Ministry

Deborah Young

Director of A.S.I

Debra Davis-Moody

Director of Community Service

Pamela Daly

Director of Children’s Ministry

Paul Young

Director of Communication

Renee Humphreys

Director of Education

Joseph & Deirdre Garnett

Directors of Family Life

Dr. Christina Wells

Director of Health & Wellness

William Lee

Director of Men’s Ministry

Michael Horton

Director of Ministerial

Eduardo Allen

Director of Multilingual & Stewardship Ministries

Edward Wood III

Director of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty (P.A.R.L)

Dolby Knott

Director of Prison Ministry

Cory Jackson

Director of Urban Ministry

Doris Gothard

Director of Women’s Ministry

Jason C. North

Director of Pathfinders, Youth & Young Adult Ministries