Jean-Irés Michel/LUC Photos


Dr. R. Clifford Jones was re-elected as President by the delegates of the Lake Region Conference during the 28th Quadrennial Session on May 20th 2018.

“I am deeply honored to continue serving this great conference.” He said.
Dr. Jones shared that he plans to continue executing the strategic plan laid out in 2016 under the banner of “Christ Alone.”

Shortly after being elected as the Executive Secretary, Pastor Gabriel shared his thoughts on his new appointment. “I have approached everything in my life as an opportunity to minister. So, if I could minister in this role, I would be thrilled.” He further stated that he plans to learn his new role by prayerfully seeking heavenly wisdom and “asking lots of questions.”

Returning as Chief Financial Officer, Elder Yvonne Collins expressed that she is blessed and privileged to have a supportive team to work with. Quoting from Deuteronomy 10:11, Elder Collins said, “This is my journey and I have others who are 100% supportive and ready to go. I prayed and I know the Holy Spirit will lead.” She thanked delegates for placing their trust in God’s ability to use her for another term.

Re-elected to lead as vice president of Multicultural Ministry, Elder Eduardo Allen is passionate about spreading the Gospel in multilingual communities in the region. “There is a lot of unfinished work. I plan to invest more in evangelism and church growth. We have many communities where little is being done to share the Gospel. That must change.”

Dr. Helen Bryant, elected to serve as the Superintendent for Adventist Education said, “I am in awe. I am humbled because I know that this happened only by the grace of God.” Adventist Education continues to be at the forefront of many discussions as there are unprecedented challenges facing the school system. However, Dr. Bryant said, “I know it’s a big responsibility but I know with God’s leading and being in the center of His will, we will be successful. Collaboratively, we will move forward.”

The day ended with high spirits and a prayer of consecration over the officers. Delegates return to their churches to continue the work, with the aim to lift up Christ alone. The 28th quadrennial session was conducted at the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.

Listed are the executive committee and departmental directors re-elected to serve for the 2018-2022 quadrennial term:

             LRC Departmental Directors                                                                        
Leon Bryant, Sr                       Adult Ministry Director
Pamela Daly                             Children’s Ministry Director
Debra Davis-Moody               Adventist Community Service Director
Joseph & Deirdre Garnett     Family Life Directors
Doris Gothard                         Women’s Ministry Director
Michael Horton                       Ministerial Director
Cory Jackson                           Urban/Inner City Ministry Director
Dolby Knott Prison                Ministry Director
William Lee                             Men’s Ministry Director
Jason North                             Youth & Young Adult Ministry Director
Christina Wells                        Health & Wellness Ministry Director
Edward Woods Ill                   Public Affairs & Religious Liberty Director
Deborah Young                       Adventist Laymen ServicesMinistry Director
Paul Young                               Communication Director

 LRC Executive Committee Members
Jacqueline Bailey                     Wayne Hosten
Felipe Blandon                         Yalonda Johnson
Leah Chapman                         Errol Liverpool
Leeroy Coleman                       Sheila LeSure
James Dieujuste                       Gary Laster
Luz Resendiz                             Edgar Pastran
Cynthia Currin                          Marlon Reid
Sherine Brown-Fraser             Stephanie Scott
Doris Gothard                           Shelly White
Larry Key                                   Mark Whyte